• Service you can Rely On!

Service you can Rely On!

Unity Dental Service Testimonial

Dr. Henry Nguyen owns and operates the bustling Unity Dental practice in the heart of Burwood, Victoria. Since graduating from Melbourne University in 1997, he practiced Leeton, NSW before starting his own practice in Port Hedland, WA. After five years, he returned to Melbourne and in 2005 started Unity Dental, nestled in the Burwood One shopping centre.

It is here Dr. Nguyen began his journey with Henry Schein Halas. Initially this was influenced by the equipment itself. He was drawn to range of Planmeca dental chairs, not just for their modern elegant styling, but also due to their compact design which enabled him to maximise his practice potential with small spatially efficient surgeries. As a bonus, the suspended chair ensured thorough and efficient hygiene.

Upon inquiring however, he began to comprehend the value of the people. This value he states, was best illustrated in 2012, when the shopping complex underwent a major renovation, requiring that he shift his practice. During this stressful time, the Henry Schein’s service team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition, helping to keep his practice running whilst the new premises was prepared, then moving and reinstalling with very minimal downtime.

In Dr. Nguyen’s practice you will find five Planmeca Compact iClassic chairs, each sporting integrated monitor and Panasonic intra oral camera. Ceiling mounted screens provide the patient with welcome distraction, or help them understand their treatment with intra oral footage. Henry utilises Planmeca intra oral x-rays, supported by a Durr VistaScan Mini View phosphor plate scanner. In the background, the surgery is powered by two Cattani Turbo Smart Suction units and a Cattani K300 and K200 compressor.

With five surgeries and a possible sixth on the way, Dr. Nguyen places considerable importance on the quality of support – especially where it may result in downtime. Henry exclaimed “My experience has been fantastic, a quick call to the local service admin results in very fast follow up. My service technician Robert Pinnock understands my practice and always has an answer to any problems I encounter.”

When asked about preventative maintenance, Dr. Nguyen responded that it was very important, however, rather than having all of his surgeries done at one time, he prefers to spread them out to ensure that any small issues he has during the year can be resolved at the same time, all while minimising the downtime.

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