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BIODENTINE Box of 15 Caps Bioactive Dentine Substitute

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Can be used for root repairs and wherever dentine is damaged. Based on high purity synthetic Tricalcium Silicate, Biodentine is the first material offering bioactivity and outstanding sealing properties to fully replace dentine, both in the crown and in the root with unique benefits.

  • Improved handling and mixing properties. Machine mixed resulting in a more homogenous, creamy consistency.
  • Excellent sealing properties. Preserves pulp vitality and promotes pulp healing.
  • Shorter setting time compared to other MTAs
  • Versatile can be used also be used in the crown as a dentine replacement.
  • Has similar biological and mechanical properties to natural dentine - including flexural and compressive strengths. Indications
  • Root perforations
  • Pulpal floor perforations
  • Internal/external resorptions
  • Apexification
  • Apical surgery
  • Deep cavity and pulp capping
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