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Terms & Conditions

  • Henry Schein reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of Henry Schein360 at any time.
  • When you join the program, your membership is active from the 1st day of the following month.
  • Your current Tier & Reward level is subject to a biannual review, and the level may change based on spend patterns.
  • You are required to monitor your spend regularly via the ‘My Henry Schein360’ dashboard to ensure you can maintain your existing benefits. 
  • Information about the “My Henry Schein360” membership can be found by logging into Schein Online under ‘My Henry Schein360’
  • If you are an Henry Schein360 Elite member and you exit the program or move to a lower Reward level, Henry Schein is required to notify all Business Solutions Partners to the change in program status. This will result in the Elite rates/offers no longer available to you.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Business Solutions Suite is only available to Elite customers.
  • Henry Schein is not involved in the relationship between our customers and Business Solutions Partners. It is recommended to do your own research to determine if their products are suitable for your business needs. 

Pricing, Discounts & Promotions:

  • Discount pricing is available on all products excluding orthodontics, implants, handpieces, teeth, Colgate, Oral B, some small equipment & endodontic items and laboratory products.
  • Discounts are calculated based on your Tier and Reward level.  A higher reward level attracts a higher discount in the respective tier.
  • You are eligible for all current promotions and will receive either the Henry Schein360 discount or promotional price; whichever is the lowest.
  • You are eligible for the GC and Septodont Anaesthetic plans; no other contract pricing is available.
  • Price matching is not available on Henry Schein360.


  • Available to current Premium and Elite members only.
  • Paid in the form of a credit each month onto the same Henry Schein account the purchase was made.
  • Paid on all purchases excluding equipment, service and parts.
  • Your account must be finalised by the 25th of each month to receive your rebate.
  • Orders must be placed online.

Business Solutions

  • Elite customers have exclusive access to the Business Solutions Suite.
  • Premium members are entitled to a 5% discount off HSD sponsored continuing education.

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