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As a research-driven manufacturer of dental devices and consumables, COLTENE stands for three topics:

  1. Infection Control stands for the systematic reprocessing of instruments as well as surface cleaning and disinfection.
  2. Tooth Preservation includes complete product ranges from endodontics and restoration.
  3. Treatment Efficiency products are sophisticated tools that make life easier for the dental profession on a daily basis. These include impression materials, rubber dam systems, products for wound care and cotton wool products, as well as all kinds of rotating instruments.

All products are developed, produced and sold in the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Switzerland. Dentists and dental laboratories around the world trust the high quality products of the Swiss company.

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COLTENE Education

Continuous training is a success factor. During hands-on workshops and webinars, COLTENE focuses on foundations and important relevant skills through lectures and practical experience based on the latest technology. Be sure to stay up-to-date with COLTENE's professional training courses and events!

COLTENE Resources

COLTENE recognises the importance of having thorough, easy to understand and useful learning materials and resources at your fingertips! Click through the selection of resources which is designed to help facilitate learning and further knowledge of COLTENE's products.

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