Practice Analysis

Practice Analysis Report for your business.

Practice Analysis Report

Practice Analytics Report - OFFER

Available FREE of charge annually to all Elite level members.

  • Available to all Standard and Premium members for $550 including GST (per report).
  • Available to all non Henry Schein360 members for $550 including GST (per report).

Contact your Territory Manager for more information about how the Practice Anaysis Report can work for your practice.

What is a Practice Analysis Report?

A Practice Analysis Report is a must for all practices as it provides tangible evidence of your practice health from the last 12months. It does this by showing you how your practice is performing in relation to your:

1) Desired level of care & 2) Industry benchmarks.

This allow you to identify key opportunities that will help improve your practice outcomes, increase profitability and reduce risk.

To improve practice revenue the Practice Analysis Report focuses on four areas:

  1. Surgery Utilisation – Most practices only utilise a maximum of 60% of their facility over a 12-month period.
  2. Standard of Care – You tell us what your standard of care is, and the report compares how well the standard of care was met over the last 12 months.
  3. Patient Mix – You need to have a steady stream of new patients each month, plus maintain the existing patients in the practice.  
  4. Practice Fees – Understand how your practice fees compare to the rest of your state, and what percentile you sit in relation to the ADA Survey of Dental Fees.

A Practice Analysis Report is available FREE of charge on an annual basis to eligible customers (all customers using Exact, Oasis and D4W software). This will allow you to compare year on year the success of your dental business.

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