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The more you spend the higher the discount

Tiered Pricing

Everyone who joins Henry Schein360 is entitled to a discount! The amount of discount is determined by spend and loyalty, so the more you spend at Henry Schein, the higher your discount.

Discounts are available on ‘everyday’ dental products, and this covers approximately 85% of everything you buy. This includes masks, pouches, gloves, composite & bond, impression material, burs etc. If the product is on promotion, you will receive whatever pricing is better!

Products that are excluded from the Tiered Pricing discount include handpieces, implants, orthodontics, Colgate and Oral B, some small equipment & endodontic items and laboratory items.   

In addition to your discount, if you are a Premium or Elite Reward member you are entitled to a cash rebate credited to your Henry Schein account each month. To be eligible for the rebate you must be a current Premium or Elite member, place your orders online and pay your account in full by the 25th. It is that easy!  

The amount you spend annually with Henry Schein determines your tier level, and your loyalty will determine the discount and rebate % you will receive.

The table below outlines the Reward Level and eligibility for a discount, rebate and access to Business Solutions.

Premium    2.25%  
Elite    4.5%  

Your Territory Manager has all the information you will need about Henry Schein360, so contact them to find out more.

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