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Why Use Ansell Gloves?

In your dental practice, using quality medical gloves as personal protective equipment (PPE) plays an important part of a broader infection control and prevention strategy and acts as a barrier to ensure the safety of dental staff and patients alike.

Partnering exclusively with Henry Schein, Ansell is an innovator in high-quality glove solutions for occupational safety, comfort, durability, reduced packaging waste and ease of instrument handling.

With over 125 years experience in developing examination and surgical glove technologies that keep you safe, you can rely on our team to help you identify, select and implement the most appropriate solutions for your dental clinic.

You care about protecting your patients, we care about protecting you.

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Nitrile & Neoprene Examination Gloves

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Latex Examination Gloves

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GAMMEX Surgical Gloves

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New Worker Experience Innovation (WEI) Glove Technologies

MICROFLEX® Ultraform® and MICROFLEX® Neogard™ Touch Gloves with ERGOFORM™ Technology

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ERGOFORM™ is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance.

MICROFLEX Soft White Nitrile Gloves with HYDRASOFT™ Skin Moisturising Technology

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HYDRASOFT™ Technology is a water-based, odourless inner coating that retains moisture and rehydrates skin to improve overall skin health.

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