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Inventory Management System

Simplifying how you order your surgery supplies .

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System - OFFER

Contact your Territory Manager for more information about how the Inventory Management System can work in your practice. Available exclusively to Elite level members.

How can the Inventory Management System benefit your practice?

  • Never run out of stock.
  • Keep track of what you spend.
  • Generate an order from all suppliers.
  • Only order the products in your inventory.
  • Identify products that are on backorder.

The IMS is quick, easy and keeps your practice efficient. The system allows you to reduce the amount of stock you keep on your shelf, which allows more cashflow to be available for other areas of your business.

Anyone in your practice can use the Inventory Management System because all the stress about knowing where the products come from and how much to order has already been decided ahead of time by you.

There will never be an issue with running out of stock, or over-ordering again.

The IMS has reduced practices from 8 hours of ordering per fortnight, down to just 2 hours! This will free up time to spend where it matters most on your patients.

Offer Details

  • To access the IMS you must hold and maintain Elite membership on Henry Schein360.
  • The IMS runs in conjunction with our ordering platform, so you must register with Schein Online before you can access the IMS.

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