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How Cinch Dental Works

Cinch Dental allows you to create engaging, professional and personalised communications for patient support, treatment information and practice marketing when required.

vDM (Video Emails) | vMS (Video SMS) | Social Media | Website Content
Cinch Dental is the way to create personalised video marketing that can be emailed & SMSed to your patients and prospects.

All for less than 10 minutes and $350 p.m.


Automated Mobile Video Creation App

A mobile app that allows you to select a specific topic of pre-produced content that is verified by the respected dental advocacy group Dental Health Australia. Once selected, create personalised video introductions and signoffs, then automatically produce a finished package ready for patient messaging at the touch of a button.

Video Scripts and Teleprompter

Every verified topic in the mobile app contains pre-prepared scripts that load, when selected, into a teleprompter in your phone to ensure that your introductions and sign offs are of a professional standard.

Video Library

Within minutes of selecting your topic and reading the supplied scripts, your packaged video is ready with your own name, credentials and position displayed over the opener and a practice contact details at the end. Create as many videos as you require and as often as you like.

Content Management and Delivery System

Your own cinchDENTAL platform that enables you to send your personalised video content directly to your patients via your website, social media channels, vDM (video email) or video SMS (vMS). Send messages to one patient or to many from your Practice Management System. Distribute general health messages, pre-visit and post-visit messages, tailored to suit your patient care needs.

Supporting Text Content

Every vDM and vMS message is presented as an information page with your branding and contact details top and bottom, your personalised video and pre-written text related to the selected topic.

Detailed Reporting

Real time analytics enable you to see who is or has viewed your content and which of your digital channels are providing the greatest cut through. Receive reports of how much respective recipients have engaged with your message and with your video, including who has viewed your video and for how long, accurate to .01%.

Cinch - Licence Starter Pack

  • 1 CinchDENTAL Platform Licence
  • includes 1 CinchDENTAL User Licence
  • includes Cinch Mobile App Licence
  • Additional users for just $1,995 AUD
  • Access to all Topic Videos
  • New Topic Videos every month
  • Your own Digital Media Library
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Video Sharing Links for websites
  • Subscriber management
  • Unlimited vDM (emails)
  • vMS (Video SMS) first 1000 p.m. free
  • Distribution Analytics


  • 14 month subscription in Year 1*

(Usually 12 months for non-360 Members)

$4,190 AUD

Click here to Sign up for: SINGLE LICENCE STARTER PACK


14 month subscription in Year 1*

Single Licence Starter Pack (as displayed)

3 Licence Pro Pack – Same features as Single Licence except;

  • 3 cinchDENTAL Licences
  • 3 Mobile App Licences
  • Still offers 14 months in Year 1.
  • $6250 AUD p.a.

Click here to Sign up for: THREE LICENCE STARTER PACK

Start today to quickly and easily connect with your patients.

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Contact Cinch:
1300 82 00 33

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