• Henry Schein Care's Australia First Ever Back to School Program

Henry Schein Care's Australia First Ever Back to School Program

An Initiative to Help Build the Educate on Oral Hygiene

At the end of 2015, Team Schein Members took part in Australia’s first ever Henry Schein Cares Back to School Program! “Back to School” is a flagship initiative of Henry Schein Cares and is supported by the Henry Schein Cares Foundation. The program’s initiative is to help build the confidence of many less fortunate children who would otherwise return to the classroom without essential school supplies or new clothes. Participating children are provided with school essentials, including backpacks filled with classroom supplies, books and hygiene products donated by Henry Schein, so that when they start their first day of school they start on the right foot! Henry Schein “Back to School” events are taking place at 29 Henry Schein locations this year. In 2014, the program expanded beyond the United States and Canada to Europe and now Australia! Since the program‘s inception in 1998, more than 32,000 children have headed back to school equipped for success!

“Our ‘Back to School‘ program has been one of Henry Schein‘s longest- running and largest community service events, during which enthusiastic Team Schein Members make a significant difference in the lives of under- served children, boosting their confidence from the first day they walk through the classroom doors,“ said Gerry Benjamin, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Henry Schein. “Giving back to society is a core value of Team Schein, and we are proud to host ‘Back to School‘ every year, having grown the program from one event at our Company‘s headquarters in Melville to now 29 events worldwide”.

Cabramatta Public School was selected as the pilot for this program in Australia. The school was amazingly well aligned with our own Team Schein Values and they’ve developed their own program for incoming kinder children for the next school year, conveniently called the SMILE program. Smile stands for Smooth Movement Into The Learning Environment and allows the 2016 kinder group to spend some time in their future classrooms; so they can easily transition into the school environment the next year. During this time, the parents stay on the school grounds in a different area and are also inducted into the school.

Henry Schein Halas, through the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, was happy to be able to sponsor the school allowing them to give each incoming student a backpack full of goodies for the new school year. We also took the opportunity to speak to the parents about the importance of good oral health for their children with the help of two of our Customer Service Representatives who are trained Oral Health Therapists. With up to 3 interpreters in the room at any given time, the team did an amazing job emphasising the importance of oral health care in younger children to the attending parents. Other Henry Schein Halas staff assisted teachers in the kinder classes by singing songs with the children and helping them with some colouring in and other art projects!

Scott Davidson, the Principal at Cabramatta Public School, stated “Thank you and your team for your participation and support of the SMILE program. The backpacks have been an outstanding success and having you and your team in classes was very helpful!”

We consider the day a huge success and are hoping to expand the program at the end of 2016.

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