• Congo Dentists In Training

Congo Dentists In Training

Providing dental care to a great number of Congolese

My wife Wendy and I arrived in the town of Aru in the DR Congo in August 2015. We had previously spent 4 years in Congo when it was called Zaire. Since our arrival, we have settled into a modest home without electricity or water supplies. Leaving the comforts of Australia, we have had to adapt to washing in buckets, learnt to shop in the local market and begun teaching and seeing patients using French and Swahili to communicate. We have overseen the last stages of the building project (for the dental school) and taken over the role of ‘Chef de Section Dentaire’ in a Training Institute. One of the biggest adjustments was getting used to the Congolese education system that is based largely on theory with no practical work. As we work to redress that imbalance we have made the end of the academic year and have seen our first four students graduate.

One of our most exciting moments was when we welcomed the container sent from Australia in July 2015. The dental equipment and supplies were a much needed piece of the puzzle here in the Congo. With thanks to Henry Schein Halas and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, together with our other supporters we are able to provide dental care to a great number of Congolese. We still need help! Internet access is limited so if you would like to volunteer or donate please email scheincares@henryschein.com.au

Dr Graham Toulmin AM BDS (Sydney) FICD

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