SURGICEL FIBRILLAR Haemostat 2.5cm x 5.1cm Box of 10

Product Code: JJ-411961

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The Surgicel Fibrillar is a versatile absorbable haemostat suited for the most demanding procedures. It can be easily separated into layers which conform and melt in to bleeding tissue. Faster 39% faster haemostasis compared to original Surgicel Haemostat. Optimal Versatility - Visualise and work on bleeding site through thin layers - Fibril material provides broaf surface area coverage Ideal Conformability - Remains pliable and can be reshaped within the wound to match the contours of the bleeding surface more precisely - Lightweight layers and tufts - peel off as much or as little as desired - Use it in any size, shape or thickness as needed for your specific application Optimal Adherence - Soft, layered material conforms and "melts in" to bleeding tissue - until you remove it
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